Just a few Samples
The Crew

We have a new supply of glass, glass molds, frits, a new glass kiln.and a score of ideas and inspirations.

We don't have every mold ever made, but we're trying!!

Just a little history.

We established our business in Orem, Utah in 1987.  With a love of ceramics, one mold, a Duncan certified teacher, and a big dream.  In 1999 we built our ceramics studio and moved to Provo.  In 2017 we are celebrating 30 years of business.

Patty is an award winning artist and teacher.  Her work has taken honors in local and State ceramic competitions.  And, her students honors include numerous "Freddie" awards. (Freddie is the highest honor in hobby ceramics)

Patty's love of ceramics started in early childhood where she was taught and nurtured by her mother Jessie James (Yes that's her real name.)

Patty's Ceramics is the local distributor for Ceramic and Pottery supplies including: Aardvark Clay, Kemper Tools, Cress, Skutt and Olympic kilns, Duncan and Doc Holliday paints, Clay Magic, Doc Holliday, Mackey, Creative Paradise and Starlite Molds.

We offer ceramic painting classes with basic and advanced instruction.

We're always trying new techniques and processes, we love to experiment, so if you have any questions or suggestions come on in and we'll try them out!!